I took a break from Cannabis & now I am back!

Consuming cannabis was part of my every day routine for 6 years and it helped me in so many different ways. A few months ago, I realized I was smoking too much. Instead of using marijuana solely medicinally, I was using it as a crutch. I took a break from consuming to reevaluate why I was using, so that I could go back to using it the way it was intended- as a medicine. It was very difficult to step away from cannabis, but it helped me fall in love with marijuana all over again! Being transparent with my readers is important to me, and I apologize for not explaining my absence sooner. Now that I am back to consuming, my tolerance has changed drastically. To ensure products are being reviewed on THC content fairly, I have a team of “edible testers” to help consume products. The next 15 blogs are about edibles I had consumed before my break, and the ones after that will be when my team joins me. I look forward to bringing you more edible reviews!

Thanks for reading,

– Alice Moon

3 thoughts

      1. I was thinking if making hard candies like Holly ranchers but I feel like I need a fool proof recipe and even then, I’m just not sure how well they work. Have you tried tgem before?


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