Goodekind hired Alice to help announce the launch of their CBD hemp brand that featured rare cannabinoid products. The challenge: there’s thousands of CBD brands out there and the media was exhausted of them. The solution: Alice focused on the rare cannabinoid aspect of Goodekind’s products and she was able to help shift the focus to garner coverage.

The launch was initially covered by Green Entrepreneur, Forbes, LA Times (print & online), and more.

Throughout Alice’s time working with Goodekind, she managed multiple product launch announcements and secured coverage in the following publications: Sensi Magazine, Cannabis & Tech Today Magazine, Spokesman Review, Green Market Report, Broccoli Report, Benzinga, Merry Jane, Mary Magazine, Uproxx, WeedWeek, MG Retailer Magazine.

Alice worked with Goodekind from August 2020 to May 2021 and secured over 70 articles for Goodekind in that time.


Splitbud hired Alice for a 3 month campaign to help spread the word of their cannabis delivery service that was launching in Southern California. Before Alice got started on PR services, she conducted an audit of their website, service, social media, and more and provided constructive feedback for Splitbud to enhance their online presence. Once changes were implemented, Alice got to work to figure out how to get a delivery service media coverage. This task was challenging due to there being a plethora of delivery services out there, but Alice employed a “newsjacking” moment, where she looked for cannabis news and figured out how to make her client relevant to said news. At the time, the cannabis media was frequently talking about how high taxes were preventing people from purchasing cannabis from the legal market, so Alice crafted the narrative that Splitbud’s bulk purchasing option was going to help change people’s purchasing habits. The media loved what Splitbud was doing and it was covered by High Times, Civilized, Benzinga, Merry Jane, and more.

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