Cannabis Mints by Breez

Cannabis Mints by Breez


  • Brand: Cannabis Mints by Breez
  • Strength: 250 mg THC per container/ 5 mg THC per mint
  • Consumed: 2 mints/ roughly 10 mg thc
  • Taste: Minty freshness with a cannabis twist! These mints have a slight cannabis taste and are extremely enjoyable.
  • Packaging: These mints come packaged in a small tin.


  • Overall: We love these mints! We were surprised at how good they actually taste. Each mint is only 5 mg THC which is great for new users, who will enjoy 1-2 mints. Since our tolerance has recently lowered, we started with 1 mint to see how it felt. 1 mint was a very mellow high, so we consumed another one and then felt the type of medicated we were going for. By allowing the mint to dissolve under the tongue, you will experience the medicine quicker, as the product is going straight into your blood stream. We love how the high from these mints doesn’t hit you suddenly, instead it felt like we slowly and comfortably rolled into the high. For those with a higher tolerance, these mints may be too weak for you. We love the easy to carry tin case, but we dislike the way the mints look. Each mint is pressed with a cannabis leaf which, in our opinion, makes them look like ecstasy pills. We understand the company’s desire to make it known that the mint has cannabis in it, but we think that part of the product has room for improvement. Overall, these mints are great for those on the go looking for a mellow high!


Cinnamon Bears by EdiPure

Cinnamon Bears by EdiPure


  • Brand: Cinnamon Bears by EdiPure
  • Strength: 250mg THC per bag / 10 mg THC per piece
  • Consumed: 3 pieces/ 30 mg THC
  • Taste: These cinnamon bears taste exactly like your typical cinnamon candies. There is a slight cannabis taste but it is hardly noticeable.
  • Packaging: This candy comes packaged in a resealable bag with nutritional information on the label.


  • Overall: The taste of these bears make them very easy to consume. At only 10 mg THC per piece, these edibles are great for beginners. New users should start with one cinnamon bear and wait 1-2 hours before consuming more. Experienced users will enjoy a handful, depending on tolerance. Remember to keep edibles stored safely away from children.


Chile Limon Mango by EdiPure

Chile Limon Mango by EdiPure


  • Brand: Chile Limon Mango by EdiPure
  • Strength: 100mg THC per bag / 25 mg THC per piece
  • Consumed: One piece/ 25 mg THC
  • Taste: These chile limon mango slices are not our favorite. The flavor is one we are not used to which made it harder to consume. There is a slight weed taste but it is not overwhelming. If you have had regular chile mango before and enjoyed it, then you will most likely like the taste of these edibles!
  • Price: $10 donation
  • Packaging: These mango slices come packaged in a see-through resealable bag with nutritional information on the label. 


  • Overall: While we did not enjoy the flavor of this edible, a friend who normally eats chile mango greatly enjoyed the taste. New users should start with half a piece and wait 1-2 hours before consuming more. Experienced users will enjoy 2-4 pieces for the right high.


Sour Creatures by EdiPure

Sour Creatures by EdiPure


  • Brand: Sour Sea Creatures by EdiPure
  • Strength: 250mg THC per bag / 25 mg THC per piece
  • Consumed: 1 piece/ 25 mg THC
  • Taste: These Sour Sea Creatures are addictively delicious. While some of the creatures are gummy, some of the creatures have a softer, different texture that makes them extremely fun to chew. The level of sweet to sour is perfectly balanced- these creatures are neither too sweet nor too sour. There is zero weed taste!
  • Packaging: These candies come packaged in a see-through resealable bag with nutritional information on the label.


  • Overall: We love these Sour Sea Creatures by EdiPure! The variety of flavors these creatures come in make them a fun treat. The sharks are our favorite! Each creature is 25 mg of THC and works accordingly. New edible users should start with half a creature. Experienced users, depending on tolerance, will enjoy the high from 1 or more creatures. This is definitely one of our favorite EdiPure products! To read more reviews on EdiPure products, CLICK HERE!


Medipops Candy by Medipops

Medipops Candy by Medipops



  • Brand: MediPops
  • Strength: 35 mg THC per candy
  • Consumed: One candy
  • Taste: Medipops recently started using CO2 oil to medicate their products and you can taste the difference! While there is still a slight weed taste, the flavors used make these candies absolutely delicious! These candies come in a wide variety of flavors that appeal to many tastebuds. Our favorite flavors are Pina Colada, Strawberry, and Peach. 
  • Packaging: These candies come packaged in a convenient plastic container. Easy to open and easy to carry which makes these edibles great for those on the go!


  • Overall: Medipops are priced well, delicious, and most importantly these candies are strong! The fun thing about sucking on a candy is the faster results you’ll experience. The candy gets into your blood stream quicker than if you were to chew and swallow an edible. If you are a new cannabis user, proceed with caution and only consume half of this candy. The packaging allows for you to save some candy for later just in case! Experienced users will enjoy a mellow high from one candy, although the taste is so good you may want another! Hard candies are difficult to make taste good but Medipops proved it’s possible with these candies.