Where’s the medicated jelly when you need it?

  • Brand: Medicated Creamy Peanut Butter by Sugarleaf/Organicares
  • Strength: 80 mg THC per container
  • Consumed: 40 mg thc
  • Taste: This peanut butter is rich and creamy which makes it easy to spread on toast. There is absolutely zero marijuana taste.
  • Price: $10 donation for the small container or $25 donation for the 8 oz container
  • Packaging: We love the logos and the packaging although the label was lazily crooked.
DSC_2554 copy
  • Overall: We consumed twice the recommended dosage (that’s a lot of peanut butter!) and after two hours, we did not feel medicated. Although this peanut butter tastes great, we aren’t confident in the strength. We felt the same disappointment after consuming Hazelnug, also produced by Sugarleaf. We hope Sugarleaf increases the strength so we can recommend their edible with confidence! 

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