Classic Cheesecake by Healthy High


  • Brand: Healthy High Classic Cheesecake
  • Strength: 100 mg THC (but it felt stronger!)
  • Consumed: Half a slice or roughly 50 mg THC
  • Taste: This cheesecake is raw, vegan, and gluten free but you would never know it unless you read the label! The cheesecake has a slight lemon flavor and absolutely zero marijuana flavor! The texture is rich and creamy. This cheesecake is extremely delicious!
  • Packaging: Healthy high uses a resealable container to package this classic cheesecake. The packaging is loaded with nutritional information which we love!


  • Overall: This cheesecake is a MUST TRY! We know there are a lot of vegans out thereΒ so this edible is a great option for you! If you have celiac disease, you can also eat this edible as it is gluten free! We are grateful Healthy High has made an edible for those with dietary restrictions. The package says the cheesecake is 100 mg THC but we only ate half and felt extremely medicated so beware, this edible may be stronger than 100 mg! New users start with a few small bites and wait to see how you feel. Experienced users may want 1/4 to a full slice.


Tip: add strawberry jam to your cheesecake for an explosion of flavor!” – Alice Moon

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