I was lucky enough to work for Cannabis Creamery at The High Times San Francisco Cannabis Cup June 20 & 21st. 

How it came to be:

 Earlier this year I was scouting Instagram for new edibles to review. I discovered Cannabis Creamery and knew I needed to try it out when I got the chance. The opportunity arose when I visited San Francisco for the first time in March. I reached out to Isaac, the founder of Cannabis Creamery, last-minute about trying his ice cream. Even though he was busy cooking in the kitchen at his family’s restaurant, he made time to share his cannabis ice cream and snap a quick photo.


Months later when Isaac mentioned he would have a booth at The High Times Cannabis Cup, I quickly offered to help. I had always wanted to go to a cannabis related event but felt too intimidated to go alone. I knew working this event would be a great way for me to meet new people! Isaac was stoked on the idea and kindly offered to show me around his town once I arrived. The cannabis industry is dominated by men and a lot of them are scumbags. I have experienced the douchery first hand. Despite the risk, I drove 7 hours to hangout with and work for a person I barely knew. (My craziest decisions have always had the best results.) Thankfully, Isaac is one of the good people. In fact, he is probably the nicest person I have met in this industry. His ideas and passion for the cannabis industry blew me away! There’s a reason why he’s been featured in Huffington Post, Vice, and more! He is definitely an entrepreneur to watch out for!

Photo Jun 20, 4 49 56 PM (1)

Day 1 of The High Times Cannabis Cup:

Upon arriving to the booth, we were greeted with an extreme amount of tension from the owner of the company we were assigned to share the booth space with. He was frustrated over the division of space and had trouble articulating without raising his voice. It absolutely blew my mind that someone could be so aggro in the cannabis industry. Aren’t stoners supposed to be super chill? His tension and negativity reminded me that so many people in this industry are only in it for the money and don’t truly care about positively affecting the industry. My motto : there’s enough success out there for everyone. If we all help each other instead of try to take each other down, we will all reach the top a lot quicker. Once that nonsense was over with we quickly changed the tone and moved on with our day in a fun mood!Photo Jun 20, 11 57 35 AM

 The weather was beautiful and the vibe throughout was great! I loved seeing the smile on people’s face once they tried Isaac’s cannabis ice cream. He is a third generation ice cream man which makes his ice cream the best in the industry! Photo Jun 21, 2 51 09 PM (1) In between working the Cannabis Creamery booth I ventured out to meet other edible vendors. Some vendors were so sweet, while others lacked enthusiasm & knowledge about their products. One company gave me a “sample” the size of a mini reeses. Despite the small size, I bit it in half. The rep then told me it was 250 mg. Thank goodness I bit it in half! 125 mg was more than I wanted to eat. The rep explained to me that the chocolate was labeled as 4 doses. How can something so small be 4 doses? Now I can understand why so many edible consumers eat too much. Edible companies need to better educate patients on tolerance and doses if they want them to continue using edibles.

Photo Jun 20, 11 57 09 AM

Day 2

The second day of the cannabis cup started off rough. Isaacs vehicle got a flat tire, then the tow truck broke down on the way to us. Once we were almost to the event we realized we forgot the cups used to serve ice cream. (Good thing ice cream cookie sandwiches were still available!) Isaac dropped me and the other ladies working for him off at the event with all of the supplies we remembered while he went to get the cups. Since we arrived late, we did not have easy access to unload. The other two ladies, despite their small frames, managed to push a freezer up a hill and to the booth! While they did this, I waited for a motorized flatbed to come by to help carry the rest of the stuff. The wait was long and I kept getting cut in the line. Eventually I got the attention of some guys who had a little bit of space on their cart. The guys helped me load up and squeeze in with them. This was such a lovely moment done out of the goodness of their hearts. (I later saw one of the guys guiding someone in a wheelchair throughout the event. I am grateful to meet people who have true compassion!) 

Once I made my way to the booth to meet up with the other ladies, we were all obviously stressed and rushed. One of the guys in the other half of the booth realized this and rolled us a joint. That was such glorious moment and a great way to bond with our booth neighbors! That joint quickly relaxed us and put us in a great mood!

Photo Jun 20, 11 58 10 AM

After a few hours of slanging ice cream, the Cannabis Creamery booth and the booths nearby lost power. This is when I discovered the challenge of finding someone who knew how to fix the problem. I was given the run around a few times because no one knew who handled vendor problems. The booth remained without power for an hour, which sent the ice cream towards a melty madness. Considering the high amount of money vendors pay for their booths, electricity should have been handled and restored more efficiently. 

Photo Jun 21, 6 17 25 PM

After the power situation was fixed, the stage by the booth was not used again. It was quite bizarre that no one performed on that stage the rest of the day! Sunday’s crowd seemed low compared to Saturday and this could be because of the lack of music on that side of the event. Sunday was Father’s day, which could have cut some people’s cup experience short. Despite low attendance and chilly weather, Cannabis Creamery nailed it! 

Photo Jun 20, 6 43 05 PM

Overall, the cup was a blast! Working for a vendor provided me with an experience I wouldn’t have had if I had attended the event solo. I enjoyed meeting and talking with so many people and the amount of free goodies was unbelievable! I can’t wait to review all the new products I discovered. High Times has room for improvement with their events but overall they provided a great weekend for cannabis users!

Here is some of what I consumed:

Photo Jun 20, 4 07 32 PM

Cannabis Quencher 50 mg Slushy

Since we had already tried and reviewed their Strawberry Lemonade, we decided to go to a different slushy booth first. The slushy booth we visited could not provide us any information on strength. “It will hit you good” is not the answer I was looking for. Due to that companies lack of information on doses, we decided to go with the company we knew would hit us good. Cannabis Quencher Strawberry Lemonade Slushy hit the spot! This 50 mg drink went down easy and made us feel WONDERFUL! It was so potent we had to share it with others. Since the event, we have been telling everyone to put the 75 milligram drink (available at TreeTop) in a blender with ice to enjoy the slushy goodness!

Photo Jun 21, 1 58 47 PM (1)Chocolate Covered Strawberry Infused with MaryJane Wine

We had never tried cannabis wine before so we were thrilled to see this! The wine tasted like your typical red wine. It was dry and smooth. There was very little cannabis flavor to the wine. The chocolate on the strawberry was not medicated but still delicious. 

Photo Jun 21, 6 00 26 PM

KukooKitchen 250 mg Pizza

This company stated 250 mg per pizza but that was far from the truth! We were extremely disappointed by the strength. We usually consume 30-50 mg thc to feel good and with this 250 mg pizza we felt NOTHING! This was not an isolated case, as a friend had a whole pizza too and was not affected in the least. I think a lot of companies at the cup knew everyone would be high so they could get away with weakening their products and no one would realize it. I had kept myself sober so I could honestly review strength so this company tried to pull a fast one with the wrong consumer! It’s a shame when companies put a bad name to the industry and lie about strength.

Stay tuned for more posts about the edibles we tried at the cannabis cup!


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