TKO Pumpkin Spice Cookie


  • Brand: TKO Pumpkin Spice Cookie
  • Strength: 160 mg THC
  • Consumed: 1/4 or roughly 40 mg THC
  • Taste: This pumpkin spice cookie tastes so delicious! It is perfectly sweet with an amazing pumpkin flavor. There is a slight weed taste but it is minimal.
  • Packaging: This cookie comes in a see-through bag with information regarding strength.


  • Overall: This Pumpkin Spice cookie is a MUST TRY! The taste and strength are both noteworthy. We consumed only 1/4 of this cookie (around 40 mg of THC) and felt medicated! New edible users should start with a small bite, while experienced users will want half to a whole cookie. This cookie is a seasonal treat that TKO produces during Fall Season only. We love the taste so much that we wish that this cookie was available year round! 


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