• Brand: Triple Chocolate Brownie by Kaneh Co
  • Strength: 100 mg THC
  • Consumed: 1/4 of the brownie, roughly 25 mg THC
  • Taste: This is a fudge brownie finished with dark chocolate ganache and topped with white and dark chocolate chips. The brownie is not as moist as we expected and was very crumbly, but that’s not a bad thing. The brownie is very sweet and has no weed taste at all. The chocolate flakes on top taste great. 
  • Packaging: Kaneh Co has amazing packaging. The brownie is in a vacuum sealed resealable bag inside of a professionally designed box. The box has nutritional information and accurate consumption advice.
  • Overall: This brownie is one of the fanciest Cannabis brownies we have ever tried! The gourmet flavors used take this brownie to a higher level than the competition on the market. We love the detailed packaging and proper dose explanation. *One thing we didn’t enjoy is how big the brownie is for only 100 mg THC. This is good for new users because they won’t have to eat much of the brownie, but for experienced users who need a higher dose, this brownie may be too sweet to eat all in one sitting. We consumed roughly 25 mg THC and enjoyed our high. Kaneh Co is definitely a company worth trying! *Edit: After speaking with the company we discovered this brownie comes in different strengths all the way up to 1000 mg THC!

3 thoughts on “Triple Chocolate Brownie by Kaneh Co

  1. robin says:

    this is your review??? “Kaneh Co Triple Chocolate Brownie comes in very professional packaging.” I mean, omg, it has 1000mg of THC & no CBD. And your review is about
    the packaging? This type really makes me want to ck back here. NOT.

    1. TasteBuds says:

      Hi, clearly you did not read the whole review. We reviewed this edible on strength, taste, and packaging. Your comment is not viewable because we approve comments before they are shown. We always appreciate feedback, but when it is given in such a negative way, we happily decline it. Cheers.

      1. chopsj says:

        lol thank you for being honest in your reply. i thought man did rhat idiot even read the review. The whole point that i appreciate is the professionalism & packaging of products now that it is medical use.. & not just in a bavgy… new class of customers!

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