• Brand: Sprig Soda
  • Strength: 45 mg THC
  • Consumed: 45 mg THC
  • Taste: This carbonated drink reminds us of Sprite. It is refreshing with a lemon-lime taste. There is a cannabis aftertaste but it is very light.
  • Packaging: Sprig Soda comes in a well designed can that has nutrition facts and ingredients clearly listed.
  • Overall:¬†While we greatly enjoyed the taste of this drink, it sadly did not work for us. We usually consume around 25 mg THC, which means this 45 mg THC drink should have given us a heavy high. There are numerous factors that go into the way an edible affects someone so we gave it a second chance and tried it again. Sadly, again, nothing. It’s very possible that we received a “bad batch” of soda’s, but that lack of consistency is exactly why we started this blog. We believe products should be affective every time, for every user, if they are consuming the amount of THC they usually consume.¬†

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