• Brand: Kin Slips
  • Product: Tarragon & Citrus Cloud Buster Strips
  • About: Kin Slips are compact, portable, and dissolve under your tongue, delivering a precise dose quickly. Their carefully crafted blends of cannabinoids, terpenes, and natural ingredients are formulated for positive effects on your lifestyle. Kin Slips are 100% natural and plant based.
  • Strength: 10 mg THC per slip, 100 mg THC total per package
  • Taste: These tarragon and citrus strips have a strong menthol taste which prevents one from tasting any cannabis flavors. We found the citrus flavors to be more of an aftertaste, pleasantly lingering in our mouth after absorption. 
  • Packaging: It’s no surprise that Kin Slips recently won Best Packaging at the Dope Magazine Awards. Their packaging is sexy, sleek, and informative. Each pack comes with instructions, which is great for new users. We love that each strip is individually wrapped, making it extremely easy to bring on the go!
  • Overall: From the gorgeous and informative packaging to the lovely high, this product is an A+ in our eyes. We appreciate that this edible is consumed via sublingual absorption, which allows for the product to take effect quicker than edibles that have to go through the digestive system. We experienced a bubbly, energetic high from these Cloud Buster slips. If you are a new user, we suggest starting with 1/4th of a strip before consuming more. Remember – you can always eat more, you can’t eat less!

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