Even though California legalized cannabis for adult use this year, the cannabis industry still faces unique challenges, one of which is finding an office space. Landlords view cannabis as a risk so they are hesitant to rent to cannabis companies and if they do decide to rent to a cannabis brand, they charge a much higher rent. Enter Paragon Space: The World’s First Cannabis Coworking Space.

paragon space Founded by Miss Iowa 2014, Jessica VerSteeg, Paragon Space aims to provide an affordable and safe workspace for startups in the cannabis industry. VerSteeg realized the need for a cannabis friendly office while operating a cannabis subscription box company in San Francisco. The only offices she could find that would rent to her were in unsafe neighborhoods, which was not ideal for a female entrepreneur. VerSteeg set out to solve that problem and launched Paragon Space on September 1st. The four building complex is located in the heart of Hollywood on Tamarind Ave, just off Sunset Boulevard and features an outdoor courtyard for those interested in consuming cannabis at work. While members of this weed friendly office space can not buy or sell cannabis on site, they can use their offices to show clients cannabis products. Paragon Space is priced the same as WeWork, starting at $449/month, depending on team size and space needed. paragon I attended the launch party for Paragon Space and immediately felt inspired to make it my new workspace. Each building has a different vibe, from quiet and work focused to playful and collaborative, Paragon Space has something for everyone. My time spent working at Paragon Space has been beneficial in numerous ways; I am able to connect with fellow cannabis entrepreneurs to brainstorm, take meetings in a professional and safe environment, and I find inspiration daily while working there. I feel like those who work in the cannabis industry are a little different than other entrepreneurs so it feels really special to be surrounded by those who get it. Paragon Space feels like more than just a co-working space, it’s a creative hub that is helping shape the future of the cannabis industry. 

Watch my VLOG from the launch party + walk through of the space:

Interested in working at Paragon Space? Fill out the form here and make sure to follow Paragon Space on Instagram @paragonspace.  


2 thoughts on “Paragon Space: The World’s First Cannabis Co-Working Space

  1. Steve says:

    Stop writing about things that are not new news. We have already heard about this “space”, the fact that it remains barren and the coin has dropped to .03 while Jessica and Lavrov globe hop and buy new toys for each other is of more interest, frankly. Stop getting high all day and do something with yourself.

    1. Alice Moon says:

      Hi Steve! Considering this space just opened a month ago, not everyone has heard of it yet but I’m glad you’re privy to what’s hip. I recommend you pick up a joint and stop spending time leaving negative comments on informative blogs. <3

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