Shake Well-Serve Ice Cold

This Strawberry Lemonade contains 75 mg THC which is the equivalent of 1.75 grams of cannabis. Instructions on the bottle: Start with a small amount and wait 30 minutes before drinking more.. Highdrate responsibly!
  • Brand: The Venice Cookie Co
  • Consumed: 1/2 the bottle or roughly 37 mg THC
  • Taste: The pink color is very inviting, but don’t let it fool you.. this drink has a bite! The taste of herb is very well hidden under a lot of flavoring.
  • Strength: Very strong!
  • Packaging: Very detailed packaging provides ingredients and nutritional information! Cute touches such as “PEACE.LOVE.CANNABIS” on the label. The plastic twist top is perfect for saving some for later!
  • Overall: This labels instructions of “small amount” could be interpreted differently by many. If you’re new to edibles, start with just a few sips! The great thing about liquid edibles is that they kick in a lot quicker than solids, so if you haven’t felt anything within an hour and a half, drink a few more sips! I felt the medicine within 45 minutes and felt medicated for hours!  This drink is a lot easier to sip when poured over ice. Strawberry lemonade is perfect for a sunny day!
Strawberry fields + cannabis fields = our sweet and refreshing strawberry lemonade, forever…”

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