The Perfect Breakfast

All I need is a bite of this TKO Krispy to get my day going right! 

  • Brand: TKO Edibles Est 2011
  • Strength: 100 mg THC. Strong and consistent! 
  • Consumed: Half or about 50 mg THC
  • Taste: Absolutely delicious! No marijuana aftertaste.
  • Price: $8 donation at my local dispensary, TreeTopLA. Absolutely worth the price!!!
  • Packaging: Considering the popularity and professionalism behind TKO, at first glance this packaging is too simple. Then I realized why TKO uses a see-through wrapper. When your products are that good, you want to show them off. TKO really stands out for keeping it classic and to the point. Their labels have all the information you need without overloading your senses. DSC_2508
  • Overall: Yes Yes Yes!!! This edible is easy to consume, tastes great, is strong, and is priced low! This is a MUST eat! Start with 1/4 or 1/2 to figure out your THC tolerance. Only eat the whole thing if you’re an experienced marijuana user! Click the photo below to zoom in on the details of this yummy treat!
What we’ve created is a quality line of baked edible products where delicious taste and high potency are never compromised – TKO Edibles”

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