Get Saucy!

  • Brand: Kushtown’s Medicated Hot Sauce
  • Strength: Not labeled
  • Consumed: 10 heavy dashes
  • Taste: This tastes just like a regular hot sauce. There is no cannabis taste or aftertaste. The hot sauce isn’t overwhelmingly spicy which makes it great for everyone! 
  • Price: $15 donation at my local dispensary, TreeTopLa
  • Packaging: This packaging needs more information! How much THC is in the bottle? How much is considered one dose? Other than that missing information, the packaging is great! 
  • Overall: Please note!!! This hot sauce comes filled to the TOP!!! We couldn’t wait until after we photographed it to try it. We poured this sauce on some wings and loved it. We probably used too much because we got extremely medicated within an hour. We have yet to see any other hot sauces on the market, so kudos to Kushtown for being the first and only! 
Wash medicated hot wings down with a Kushtown Medicated Soda and you are in for a high! ” – Alice Moon

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