Espresso Beans + Dark Chocolate + THC = <3

  • Brand: Terra Bites by Kiva Confections
  • Strength: 120 mg THC per container/5 mg THC per serving . Mellow!
  • Consumed: 6 Espresso Beans
  • Taste: These dark chocolate covered espresso beans are extremely taste! There is NO marijuana taste at all.
  • Price: $15 donation at my local dispensary, TreeTopLa
  • Packaging: When it comes to packaging, Kiva nails it! The reclosable container has a sleek and sexy look while providing the patient with all the necessary information. packagingespresso
  • Overall: We love the mellow high these dark chocolate covered espresso beans induce. Perfect for snacking throughout the day! At 5 mg THC per bite, this is great for those just starting out with medicated snacks. If you are an everyday marijuana user, it may take most of the container to get you medicated, so eat up! We absolutely love Kiva and hope you try their edibles at least once!
We are dedicated to developing innovative ways for people to consume cannabis which nurture, enhance & improve lives. ” –

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