Fruity Goodness!

  • Brand: Fruity Pebble Krispy by TKO
  • Strength: 100 mg THC
  • Consumed: I consumed a quarter of this krispy. Patients beware.. this edible is strong!!!!
  • Taste: The fruity pebble aspect is delicious!!! There is a cannabis taste but it isn’t enough to deter you from eating more! 
  • Price: $8 donation at my local dispensary, TreeTopLa
  • Packaging: Simple and descriptive! 
  • tkoOverall: TKO makes great edibles! They combine taste and strength perfectly. The donation price of $8 can not be beat. This edible is a must eat! If you’re a new user, start with a small bite! Remember : you can always eat more, but you can not eat less! 

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