My Favorite Edible!!

  • Brand: Kiva Blackberry Dark Chocolate (available in numerous other flavors!)
  • Strength: 180 mg THC
  • Consumed: Half of one piece or about 22 mg THC
  • Taste: Holy wow!!!! Absolutely DELICIOUS!!! NO marijuana taste!
  • Price: $20 or 2 for $35 at my local dispensary, TreeTopLA
  • Packaging: When it comes to packaging, Kiva has raised the bar! The box is recyclable and the wrapper is very descriptive regarding dosaging. 
  • Overall: Kiva Chocolate is THE chocolate that made me fall in LOVE with edibles! Each piece is properly dosaged out and is ALWAYS consistent! I love that I know exactly what I am getting myself into when I take a bite. Kiva makes numerous flavors, but the blackberry dark chocolate is my favorite! The taste is so good that I would eat it even if there was no thc! I absolutely love the weed leaf on the chocolate – it’s a nice touch. If you are a new cannabis user, start with a piece or two of the Kiva 60 mg bar before diving into the Kiva 180. The Kiva 180 is perfect for everyday users. 

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