Sweet ‘n Sours by EdiPure


The sweet way to medicate

  • Brand: Sweet ‘n Sours by Edipure
  • Strength: 100mg THC per bag / 10 mg THC per piece
  • Consumed: 3 pieces which is roughly 30 mg THC
  • Taste: These sweet ‘n sour candies taste delicious!
  • Price: $10 donation at my local dispensary, TreeTop 
  • Packaging: These sweet ‘n sour candies come packaged in a see-through resealable bag with nutritional information on the label.


  • Overall: EdiPure makes delicious candies!  We love that they are dosaged out at 10 mg each as this makes it easy to dose responsibly. We believe EdiPure edibles are strong but have noticed some strength inconsistencies. Sometimes 3 candies is enough to get us medicated and sometimes we don’t feel a thing from it. There are a number of factors that affect the way an edible hits you, so we will give EdiPure the benefit of the doubt that it was dependent on how much we had eaten before testing and not a lack of quality control on their end. If you are a new user, start with one candy to see how it affects you. Experienced users, dependent on tolerance, may want to eat the whole bag. EdiPure also makes 250mg THC candies which may work better for everyday marijuana users. Overall, these candies are worth a try!

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