The best way to start your day.. 

  • Brand: Munch Berries by Sexy Ed’s
  • Strength: 80 mg THC per bag
  • Consumed: Half the bag or about 40 mg THC
  • Taste: Since we do not like milk we tried the cereal by itself and we loved it! Some pieces taste weedier than others, but overall the weed taste is minimal.
  • Packaging: We adore the Sexy Ed’s logo- it makes this brand stand out amongst competitors. 
  • Overall: We ate only half of this 80 mg cereal (consumed roughly 40 mg THC) and felt an amazing buzz! It’s enjoyable as a snack throughout the day or can be enjoyed all at once for a long-lasting but not overwhelming high. This is such a fun snack so make sure to keep away from children! 
Sexy Ed’s stands for Sexy Edibles! Get sexy by following Sexy Ed’s on Instagram by clicking here ! ” – Alice Moon

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