One bite will do you right..

  • Brand: TKO Brownie
  • Strength: 200 mg THC – POTENT!
  • Consumed: Half or about 100 mg THC
  • Taste: This TKO brownie is extremely moist and delicious! There is a strong marijuana flavor but it isn’t overwhelming.  
  • Price: $11 or 2 for $20 at my local dispensary TreeTop
  • Packaging: Simple and descriptive! 
  • Overall: We highly recommend trying this TKO 200 mg brownie! We consumed half or about 100 mg THC and felt medicated for 12 hours!!! The taste of this brownie is so delicious that it makes it hard to not eat the whole thing! If you are a new user, proceed with caution! Experienced users may want to consume half to the whole brownie. 

One thought on “TKO 200 mg THC Brownie

  1. quinn says:

    I smoke weed pretty much 24/7 and I ate half of this brownie, had a horrible trip fuck these brownies! Highly recommend eating one if you want to get high af! geezus

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