The Most Decadent Cannabis Cake Ever Crafted

I was absolutely blown away by the birthday cake The Muffin Man made me! A whole day was devoted to making this cannabis cake completely from scratch using natural ingredients!

The yummy details:

  • Double Layer Devils Food Cake with Mocha Frosting: As a lover of sweets, I was extremely impressed by the flavor of this cake. There was ZERO cannabis taste! The cake was rich and moist with fudge-like qualities. The chocolate flavor was enjoyed by everyone who tried it. It was the perfect amount of sweet! The mocha frosting was creamy with an extremely enjoyable flavor. Everyone mentioned that they would want this cake even if there was no weed in it!   
  • The Decoration: Over 20 strawberries were dipped in a blend of Kiva BlackBerry Dark Chocolate and non-medicated chocolate. The blend was needed to create the right consistency for the chocolate to hold (The Muffin Man is a pro!). The strawberries were then drizzled with white chocolate. The strawberries were beautifully displayed on top of the cake and onto the side in a waterfall manner. The taste was phenomenal! The top and sides of the cake were covered with flakes of more Kiva Chocolate. We appreciate The Muffin Man using our favorite chocolate bar!
  • Strength: The cake was very potent! One big slice of cake was enough to knock me out. Those who don’t consume edibles often felt medicated thanks to just a few bites. The strength was beautifully hidden by the flavor of the cake!
  • Overall: This cake was the Lamborghini of cakes! The taste and strength were beyond our expectations. The Muffin Man is an incredible edible maker. TreeTop will soon be carrying Muffin Man edibles so make sure to try them all out! 
cake with strawberries on sideMuffinMan_LogoJPG   

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