• Brand: Fourtwen Cookie
  • Strength: 50 mg THC
  • Consumed: The whole cookie
  • Taste: This fortune cookie tastes better than a regular fortune cookie! It is so fresh and delicious. The cookie is available in vanilla and chocolate.
  • Price: $5 donation at my local dispensary, TreeTop
  • Packaging: We love the Fourtwen Cookie logo! The packaging is descriptive and straight to the point.
  • Overall: This edible is potent and delicious. We love the random fortunes put in each cookie. One of our fortunes read “Trapped my body but freed my mind – Kendrick Lamar”. Too bad this cookie trapped my body and my mind! I ate this cookie on an empty stomach and experienced the craziest high of my life! I usually consume 30-50 mg THC so I expected a nice mellow high but I was very wrong. The high was so intense I started to feel anxious when talking to people. For the first time ever, I experienced a bad trip! Don’t be scared to try this cookie though as every person feels different effects from edibles. Those with a higher tolerance will probably only feel a light buzz from this edible. If you are a new user, start with half of the cookie before committing to the whole cookie. At only $5 a cookie, we highly suggest giving this fortune cookie a try!

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