• SpaceGemBrand: SpaceDrops by Space Gem Candy
  • Strength: 60 mg per bag / 10 mg per piece
  • Consumed: 2 pieces
  • Taste: The texture of these candies took us by surprise. The SpaceDrops are soft and fun to chew. Each candy is a different flavor and the taste is out of this world! The candies are sour with a nice balance of sweet. You can tell a lot of love went into making this candy!
  • Packaging: We love Space Gem Candy’s packaging! The bag the candies come in is resealable which is perfect for saving some candy for later. The label is fun and representative of the brand. The back of the bag has the ingredients listed along with the THC content.
  • Overall: SpaceDrops are made in Humboldt Country. You can absolutely taste the freshness in each bite. These SpaceDrops are STRONG! We consumed 2 pieces and felt heavily medicated. User beware: these candies may be stronger than 10 mg THC each! If you are a new edible user, start with one piece and wait 1-2 hours before consuming more. Experienced users will want 2-6 pieces.
Make sure to follow Space Gem Candy on Instagram to locate them at a dispensary near you! Click Here to view their page.”

2 thoughts on “SpaceDrops by Space Gem Candy

  1. Robbie says:

    Hi im a wholesaler out of palmdale would like to find out about your space drops

    1. TasteBuds says:

      Please look at our site better. We are a review site, not an edible company.

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