• Brand: Sour Bubblegum Bottles by EdiPure
  • Strength: 100mg THC per bag / 10 mg THC per piece
  • Consumed: 3 pieces/ 30 mg thc
  • Taste: These sour bubblegum bottles are shaped like soda bottles but actually have no soda flavor! These candies are tart, slightly sour, and taste like Bubblicious bubblegum. This candy has minimal weed taste.
  • Packaging: This candy comes in a resealable plastic bag labeled with nutritional information and THC content. 
  • Overall: These candies are sweet with the perfect amount of sour. Each bottle is 10 mg THC which makes it easy to consume properly. New users should start with 1-2 bottles (10-20mg THC) and wait 1-2 hours before consuming more. Depending on tolerance, experienced users will enjoy at least half the bag. Tip: This is a great edible for determining how much THC you need to consume to achieve the high you are looking for. After 1-2 hours you will know how this candy makes you feel. If you feel nothing from 2 bottles, you’ll know you need more than 20 mg THC to feel how you want. You can always eat more, but you can not eat less! 

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