Sip your way to relaxation!

  • Brand: Cannabis Hot Cocoa by Skyline Boulevard
  • Strength: 60 mg THC
  • Consumed: 60 mg THC
  • Taste: This edible is made up of powdered hot cocoa blended with keif and topped with sprinkles and marshmallows. This mix can be added to hot water or milk, depending on what you prefer. This hot cocoa tastes like your standard instant hot cocoa blend which is a good thing because this means the cannabis flavor is beautifully disguised! 
  • Price: $10 donation at my local dispensary, TreeTop
  • Packaging: Skyline Boulevard uses eye catching glass tubes that are corked and sealed to package their hot cocoa. The see-through tube shows off the marshmallows and sprinkles that come with the hot cocoa. We found that the hot cocoa is packaged too tightly in the tube and the bottom part of the mix was hard to pour out. We once accidentally broke the tube trying to get the remaining half of the cocoa powder out so, remember: it’s glass!.
  • Overall: When added to water, this edible turns into the perfect end of the day drink. Liquid edibles kick in significantly faster than solids, so this drink is great to achieve an almost instant high. This drink is 60 mg THC which is a little too heavy for new users so proceed with caution. Experienced edible users will enjoy a nice mellow high with this hot cocoa. At $10 a tube, we think this edible is absolutely worth the price!

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