• Brand: Mind Expanding Belt by Space Gem Candy
  • Strength: 240 mg THC. STRONG!
  • Consumed: A small piece
  • Taste: Yummy!! This long belt is a combination of three different strips which are flavored blueberry, strawberry, and grape. The flavors compliment each other well when eaten whole but the belts also taste amazing when pulled apart and eaten individually. The belt is sweet with a nice balance of sour. There is barely any cannabis taste which is surprising given the strength. The soft texture of these belts made our mouths happy. 
  • Packaging: We love Space Gem Candy’s packaging! The bag the belt comes in is resealable which is perfect for saving some candy for later. The label is fun and representative of the brand. The back of the bag has the ingredients listed along with the THC content.
spacegemstrips1 spacegemstrip2
  • Overall: The amazing taste of this edible makes it hard to eat only a little so proceed with caution because this candy is STRONG! We consumed a small piece (about 1 inch) and felt extremely medicated. This candy is great for those looking to knockout. We love the colors of this belt as it depicts the spacey vibe of Space Gem Candy.  The taste, texture, strength, and appearance of this edible are all on point!

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