• Brand: Dark Chocolate Chunks by Varavo
  • Strength: 4 x 50 mg THC= 200 mg THC
  • Consumed: One 50 mg THC piece
  • Taste: This dark chocolate tastes great- exactly what you’d expect from dark chocolate. There is a hint of cannabis taste but it blends in beautifully with the flavors of the chocolate.
  • Packaging: Varavo currently has the best packaging in the edible industry for many reasons. Varavo is the first edible company to have braille packaging! Braille on the box is GAME CHANGING! The packaging also has nutritional facts and ingredients clearly listed. Inside of the box, each piece of chocolate is individually wrapped in child resistant packaging. 
  • Overall: We were very impressed by Varavo’s chocolate. The taste is amazing and the strength is true to what it’s labeled. The child resistant wrapper is extremely unique. If someone happened to come across an already opened chocolate, they can still easily identify it as an edible thanks to the weed leaf imprint on each piece. Another amazing detail is the braille packaging. It is not easy to get braille approved for packaging, so we appreciate the time and efforts they put into it to make sure blind patients could identify their product. Their packaging shows how much they really care about the patients! The only thing we dislike is the consumption advice on the box: “Until you know the effects of this product, eat only one piece and wait a minimum of one hour before consuming another piece.” While experienced users will enjoy the high from one piece, 50 mg THC can be too much for a beginner. New edible users should consume 10-20 mg of THC to start, which is less than half of a piece. The advice given could lead to a new user overdoing it and being turned off by edibles. Overall, Varavo is definitely worth trying. They are taking edibles to a new level of professionalism and we can’t wait to see what they do next!

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