Vegan Brownie Bite by Medipops


  • Brand: Vegan Brownie Bite by MediPops
  • Strength: 120 mg THC
  • Consumed:Β half or roughly 60 mg THC
  • Taste: This organic, vegan, and gluten free brownie has a noticeable weed taste. The texture of this brownie is spongey, yet dry.Β 
  • Packaging: This brownie is packaged in a plastic wrapper inside of a tin can. The packaging is a little dull in comparison to other edible companies.


  • Overall: ThisΒ 120 mg THC brownie by Medipops is true to strength. We consumed half of this very small brownie and felt heavily medicated. This brownie bite may be too strong for new users, while it is great for experienced users. This brownie is vegan, gluten free, and organic which is great for those with dietary restrictions. Although we didn’t enjoy the taste of this brownie, we believe those with dietary restrictions will embrace this brownie due to the lack of vegan and gluten free options in the edible industry.Β 


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