• Brand: Cookie Muncher Donut by Babinka Treats
  • Strength: 119 mg THC
  • Consumed: 1/3 of the donut, roughly 40 mg THC
  • Taste: This vanilla donut with vanilla glaze tastes great! It tastes like a regular donut because there is zero weed taste. The cookie is not medicated.
  • Packaging: This donut is packaged in a plastic container. The label lacks nutritional information and it does not state the THC content.
  • Overall: This cookie muncher donut is sweet and easy to consume. We love the unique decoration of the donut but we were disappointed that the glaze and cookie are not medicated. Even though this donut is made with Indica extracts, we did not feel a heavy high from it. Instead, we felt productive and creative from the roughly 40 mg THC we consumed. We believe the packaging has room for improvement as patients need to know the THC content to consume properly. If you’re new to edibles, a small bite is all you need. For those with a higher tolerance, consume half to a full donut. 

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