• Brand: Betty Khronic Vegan Energy Bars
  • Strength: 40 mg THC per bar, 80 mg THC per box
  • Consumed: 40 mg THC
  • Taste: This edible is vegan, gluten free, gmo free, raw, and vegan and it tastes absolutely delicious! It is slightly sweet due to the dates with a nutty aftertaste. There is a weed taste but it pairs well with the ingredients. 
  • Packaging: We love that each energy bar is individually wrapped inside of this box. That makes it a lot easier to consume one bar and save the other for later. We love the details on the box and think their packaging is well done.
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  • Overall: We love this edible! Since it is made with Sativa, we experienced a mentally stimulating high. We felt very productive and had an increased appetite. We consumed 40 mg THC and felt that the edible was true to strength. If you’re a new cannabis user, start with 1/4 of the bar. Experienced users may want 1-2 bars. We were very impressed by the taste of this bar. It is so healthy which makes us feel very good about putting it in our body. This is the only product Betty Khronic currently makes and that is because they wanted to devote all of their time perfecting this product and we believe they nailed it! If you’re looking for a healthy and energizing edible, this is your perfect match!

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