• Brand: Moonman’s Mistress Chocolate Chip Crater Cookies
  • Strength: 25 mg THC each, 50 mg THC per box
  • Consumed: One cookie, 25 mg THC
  • Taste: These chocolate chip cookies taste like a typical chocolate chip cookie but with a hint of cannabis flavor.
  • Packaging: Moonman’s Mistress has extremely detailed packaging. On the outside of the box you’ll find the ingredients, THC amount, and the date the cookies were baked. When you open this unique box, it unfolds and there is even more information about the company and product. This box is one of the most detailed edible packages we have ever seen!
moonmanchocchip4 moonmanchocchip1
  • Overall: We have positives and negatives about this edible. While we love the outside packaging, we dislike that these two cookies are packaged in one wrapper inside the box. We consumed one cookie and saved the other in the fridge for later and the other cookie became hard quickly. If the cookies were packaged separately, it’d be a lot easier for consumers to save one for later. We briefly microwaved the stale cookie to bring it back to it’s original softness and it was a gooey delight. If you like cookies that taste straight out the oven, microwave it for just a few seconds and you’ll be quite satisfied. When the cookies are fresh, they are very soft and a pleasure to consume. Another dislike is the high price for these cookies. Everything Moonman’s Mistress makes is priced higher than competitors on the market. The high price is due to the locally sourced ingredients; they use only the best of the best and the cookies are gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free, and paleo. We know that consumers have cheaper and equally as healthy options currently available so we think this edible does have room for improvement on price given the low THC amount in the cookies. Now on to our positives: this cookie tastes great! The weed flavor isn’t too strong which makes it easy to consume. The cookie is also fairly small so all you need is a few bites to feel medicated. The labeled dosage is true to strength as we consumed one cookie at 25 mg THC and felt a great high. New users should start with half a cookie and wait 1-2 hours before consuming more. This edible may be too low of a dose for experienced users; if you have a high tolerance, you may want to consume more than what comes in one package. Overall, this is an edible we enjoyed the strength and taste of, but we likely wouldn’t purchase it due to the price.

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