• Brand: Natural Edibles Bacon with Cashews and Rosemary
  • Strength: 150 mg THC
  • Consumed: None
  • Taste: Unknown
  • Packaging: This bacon is packaged in a resealable bag that is not see-through. The label contains no information about when the product was packaged nor does it say what the estimated shelf life is.
  • Overall: This is the first time we have ever refused to eat an edible. Due to the packaging not being see-through, we had no idea what the bacon was like until it was opened. The inside of the bag was extremely oily and the bacon looked unappealing because of the cashews on top. After reading the USDA’s website in regards to the handling, cooking, and storing of bacon and other meats, we suspect this company is not trained in proper food handling. There is no way to tell if this meat is fresh or expired which could lead to a patient getting sick from eating this bacon. Due to the look, smell, and lack of information on the label, we are not comfortable eating this edible.

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