• Brand: Kush Nuts
  • Strength: 45 mg THC per bag, roughly 2 mg THC per nut
  • Consumed: 10 nuts, roughly 20 mg THC
  • Taste: These cashews and almonds are coated with a delicious seasoning made up of garlic, rosemary, olive oil and sea salt. The ingredients hide the cannabis taste, which makes these very easy to consume. 
  • Packaging: Kush Nuts come in a small resealable bag. The front of the bag is beautifully designed with bright colors. The back of the bag has an ingredients list and a message from the company “Finally.. a healthy edible without sugar, packed with protein and good fats to keep you energized and uplifted all day. Hand made with Love.” The packaging also includes manufactured and best by dates which we appreciate.
  • Overall: Micro-dosing is a big trend in the cannabis industry but unfortunately most companies do not make small milligram edibles. This is why we LOVE Kush Nuts! Each nut is 2 mg THC which makes these nuts perfect for those just getting into edibles or those looking to micro-dose. This is the first product we have tried that comes in such a low amount which definitely makes it stand out. New users should start with 1-5 nuts and wait 2 hours before consuming more. This product is best for those with a low tolerance because experienced edible users will have to consume the whole bag to feel the effects of this edible. Kush Nuts are made with a Sativa butter and provide an awake, productive, and euphoric high. The flavors used blend well together and make for a great salty snack!
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