• Brand: Blackout Brownie by Enjoyable Edibles
  • Strength: 1000 mg THC
  • Consumed: This edible was consumed by two people. One person ate a very small crumble of the brownie while the other consumed the rest of the brownie.
  • Taste: As expected with a 1000 mg edible, this brownie had a very strong cannabis taste to it. The brownie was very rich and chocolatey. 
  • Packaging: Enjoyable Edibles packages all of their products the same way. Their logo is very well done and stands out. The brownie came in a resealable bag with an ingredient list and nutrition information on the back. We dislike that the packaging states that this 1000 mg brownie is 20 doses. New users may not understand the power of this edible. If they follow the recommended dose of 50 mg THC, they may experience too intense of a high, so this label should be more clear for new and experienced users.
  • Overall: Two people consumed this brownie; one person ate a small crumble while the other person, who has a higher tolerance, consumed the rest of the brownie. The brownie was strong for both people in different ways. The person with the lower tolerance felt a very heavy high although they consumed only a very small bite. The person with a high tolerance experienced an enjoyable but sleepy high. This edible definitely needs a warning to proceed with caution. The brownie is small in size which makes it easy to consume for those with a high tolerance, but makes it hard to dose for those with a lower tolerance. The cannabis taste was strong but the fudge flavor made the taste tolerable. We wish that Enjoyable Edibles had either see-through packaging or an image of their product on the bag so that consumers could see the product before deciding to buy it. Overall, this edible is great for experienced users, but the packaging has room for improvement.

3 thoughts on “Blackout Brownie by Enjoyable Edibles

  1. No Thanks Now says:

    I don’t find the dosing anywhere near accurate. It seems more like other companies’ 200-300mg treats, wish the standards for these things was much more stringent.

  2. D.Reed says:

    This is my favorite. I love the taste as well as the great buzz in the evening. Take caution it packs a punch just bought my third one keep up the good job. Great with milk.

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