• Brand: Royal Mints by Breez
  • Strength: 20 mg THC per mint, 1000 mg THC per tin
  • Consumed: 1 mint, 20 mg THC
  • Taste: This mint tastes delicious. There is a hint of cannabis flavor but it is faint. 
  • Packaging: Royal mints come in a detailed tin. The tin lists ingredients, nutrition facts, and dosing instructions. We love that they recommend the proper dosage for new users, average users, and experienced users. 
  • Overall: This edible is currently our FAVORITE edible! We recently wrote about Breez’s 5 mg THC mints and wished that those mints came in a higher strength, so we were very excited when Breez released these 20 mg THC mints. When we first tried these mints, we felt an uncomfortable burn in the back of our throat. Upon reaching out to the company, we found out we were not alone in that feeling. The company admitted to using too much peppermint oil in a recent batch and they quickly reworked their recipe. We were impressed with how quickly they fixed the problem. Once we tried the new batch, we were very pleased with the taste. These mints work best if you consume them sublingually. Consuming an edible under your tongue allows it to go straight into your bloodstream which means it works quicker. We love that we feel this edible within 15-20 minutes. This product is perfect for those on the go and includes 50 mints. The mints also come in a smaller container (pictured at the end of this article) with only 5 20 mg THC mints for those with smaller pockets. The taste, strength, consistency, quick absorption, packaging, price, and convenience makes these edibles our favorite to consume! 

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