• Brand: Goldfish by Enjoyable Edibles
  • Strength: 350 mg THC per bag
  • Consumed: 10 goldfish, uncertain of the THC amount
  • Taste: These goldfish have a very strong cannabis taste.
  • Packaging:  As stated on a recent review of a different Enjoyable Edibles product,  all of their products are packaged the same way. The goldfish come in a resealable bag with an ingredient list and nutrition information on the back. We dislike that the packaging states that this 350 mg bag of goldfish is 7 doses. If new users follow the recommended dose of 50 mg THC, they may experience too intense of a high, so this label should be more clear for new and experienced users.
  • Overall: Even though these goldfish have a strong cannabis taste, they are still delicious and easy to eat. The label has no information about how much THC each goldfish contains, so it’s hard to determine how much to eat. We consumed 10 goldfish and experienced a very heavy high. We are unable to recommend how much to eat for a new or an experienced user since we are unsure of the mg per goldfish.

3 thoughts on “Goldfish by Enjoyable Edibles

  1. Phil Tammons says:

    There are 50 crackers in the bag. Each cracker has 7mg of THC. Dosing is easy to figure out after that.

    1. Swallow says:

      Hello! Thanks for checking out my site. Where is it listed that there are 50 crackers in a bag? Am I expected to count the goldfish?

  2. Royall Justice says:

    I counted 53 in my bag which equals about 6.6 mg per goldfish. I am comfortable at 25 mg so it’s about 4 goldfish per dose. Hope this helps. Remember you can always eat more but you can’t eat less.

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