• Brand: CannaCure Pain Relieving Ultrabalm available in Lavender and Eucalyptus
  • Strength: Unknown
  • Packaging: These topicals come in a plastic container that could be designed better. Remember Push Up Frozen Treats? This works the same way. To access the product, you have to push up from the bottom. The problem is that it is easy to push up too much product and there is no way to get the product to go back down. This resulted in us using more product than we intended. In regards to the label, although the ingredients are listed, there is no information on how much THC is in the balm.
  • Overall: I first tried out this product when I was experiencing tension and aches in my shoulders. I used the Lavender Ultrabalm on my shoulders and felt relief within 15 minutes. The balm created a tingly feeling which reminded me of the way an IcyHot patch feels, which is probably due to the menthol. The relief was not long lasting, which was a disappointment. This resulted in having to reapply product every 45 minutes. My second time using this product, I decided to use it on my lower back, where I have an injury from a car accident. Due to this injury being deeper and more intense than my shoulder aches, this topical did not relieve any pain in my back. I will continue to use this balm if I have minor aches and I look forward to trying the Eucalyptus version.

One thought on “CannaCure Pain Relieving Ultrabalm

  1. Bruno says:

    Endohack Labs here!
    Normally we would find it unnecessary to follow up an article with a response and corrections, but due to the age of misinformation and cherry picked facts we live in, some have decided to use their platform for personal gain at the expense of others. Such intentional misrepresentation of product and brand to make others read your blog is petty and ultimately should be a negative mark on your credibility as writer. This is all I have to say to you. Karma can handle it from here. (Also you have some misspellings in your article…. I guess typos happen right? 👌)
    To the patients who would like to know about us:
    We are currently a company dedicated to creating cannabis supplements for athletes and active lifestyles.
    We have 3 products clearly listed on the site where the blogger above was referred to on a number of occasions. The product she has “reviewed” is not intended to treat pain or inflammation. She was never told by anyone that It would. This is a fabrication on her part. We do have other CBD only products for that.
    N’staflow is a performance product with THC and is for promoting a flow state.(not mentioned anywhere)
    Our products are not intended for the average medical user. If you need medical edible cannabis, we are happy to refer you to some of our favorite brands such as Kiva, Kushy punch, or cheeba chew. They all make great infused products!
    However, if you are interested in how cannabis can promote your flow state and performance. Than N’staflow is a great product…. and here is how I can back it up.
    The nootropic ingredients used(those big words that get scary to bloggers) are well known and used in the health and fitness community for athletic purposes.
    Below is the research from a number of academic sources (not just webmd) explaining the potential benefits of each ingredient. Below those we added double blind placebo controlled studies done on very similar nootropic formulations on the market. We will also link to their site and refer you to their studies.
    1. Alpha GPC* – increased power output. ,
    2. Phosphatidylserine –
    3. Huperzine a –
    4. Bacopa monnieri-
    5. Vinpocitine –
    6. Cordyceps –

    Alpha brain by ONNIT Labs is a nootropic supplement very similar in formulation to N’staflow with out any cannabinoids. It is an extremely popular nootropic performance product and used by a number of high profile athletes and individuals who swear by it.
    Also available on pub med.

    Plus, we currently operate as a sponsor, giving cannabis athletes an opportunity to pursue their dreams with all the support we can give them. We also help out with the local jiu-jítsu community through Brazilian top team. So it is very misleading when you make it seem that we are trying to take advantage of sick customers. We produce products for athletes.
    We have nothing against medical patients but athletes need products designed for their specific needs. I can understand that to someone who is not a part of this community may not get it. You should be aware though that there is a community of athletes that are looking for products like mine and are excited that they have finally arrived. Thank you for pointing out this critical difference in the market for our future customers, but be sure to look into the matter fully before taking such a critical stance.
    We would also like to announce here, that we stand behind our product so much, that when sales begin, we will offer a 100% money back guarantee on all products. No questions asked. If you don’t like it, or think it’s not for you? Contact us for a full refund!
    Who else would do that if they didn’t care?

    Endohack Labs

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