• Brand: Hello Fruit Farm
  • Product: Organic Dried Fruit “Pineapple Loud”
  • Strength: 100 mg THC total, 10 mg THC per pineapple slice
  • Taste: These dried pineapple slices have a delicious sweetness to them. The sweetness is not overwhelming but instead light and enjoyable. The cannabis flavor is minimal and only traceable to those with a very sensitive pallet. 
  • Packaging: The dried pineapple slices are packaged in a colorful resealable plastic pouch. The pouch is not childproof which means the packaging will need to be upgraded come 2018. The fonts used are vibrant and playful, reflecting the brand’s vibe quite well. Hello Fruit Farm lists the Nutritional Facts along with a recommended dose of 10 mg THC. One thing that is missing from the packaging is information on whether this product is made with sativa, indica, or hybrid oil. 
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  • Overall: On the back of the packaging it says “Say Hello To A Healthy High” which is an accurate description of the feeling this product gives us. Consuming it FEELS healthy and enjoyable which is probably due to the minimal ingredients. This product is vegan, gluten free, non-gmo, and organic! Our first few bites were extremely chewy but as the we went deeper into the stack of slices, the pineapples became softer. We experienced an energetic and productive high, although the company tells us this was made with an indica oil. We love that the pineapples are dosed at 10 mg THC each because it makes it easier for new users to consume properly. As a reminder, new cannabis users should start with 5-10 mg THC before consuming more. Overall, this product is delicious and we will definitely be going back for more!

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