Cheeba Chews


The Potent Bite

  • Brand: Cheeba Chews
  • Strength Options: 70 mg THC (available in sativa, indica and hybrid), 50 mg CBD/2 mg THC (non-psychoactive), 50 mg THC/50 mg CBD, and not pictured below 175 mg THC
  • Taste: Cheeba Chews aim for the taste of a tootsie roll but are overpowered by cannabis taste. These are our least favorite tasting edible on the market, but the strength of these chews make the terrible taste worth it.  
  • Price: 70 mg thc is $12, 50 mg CBD/2 mg THC (non-psychoactive) is $14, 50 mg THC/50 mg CBD is $14, 175 mg THC is $20 at my local dispensary TreeTop
  • Packaging: Cheeba Chews have bright packaging to differentiate between sativa, indica, and hybrid. Their packaging has THC and CBD content listed although the print is small.


  • Overall: If you suffer from pain, you MUST try the Cheeba non-psychoactive CBD Chew! This edible may give you a slight euphoric feeling but overall will not get you high. It contains 50 mg CBD and only 2 mg THC (a small amount of THC is needed to activate CBD). After speaking with numerous patients who have chronic pain, we can confidently say Cheeba Chews are a great alternative to prescription painkillers. Cheeba also has a chew with 50% CBD and 50% THC for those with pain who enjoy being high. The standard Cheeba Chews are available in sativa, indica, and hybrid and are 70 mg THC each. These chews are strong but the taste is terrible. New users should start with a small amount before committing to a full chew. Experienced users may want to consume a whole 70 mg chew or a deca dose of 175 mg THC. In addition to being a great pain reliever, Cheeba Chews are good for relieving stress and depression. 


We believe cannabis infused edibles should leave a distinctive taste so one doesn’t over consume or accidentally ingest. You know this is not something to consume without thoughtful consideration. ” – Cheeba Chews

Indica Green Hornet by Cheeba Chews


Proceed with Caution!

  • Brand: Indica Green Hornet by Cheeba Chews
  • Strength: 70 mg THC 
  • Consumed: Half or about 35 mg THC. Patients beware! This edible is STRONG!!! If you are a new user, start with a small bite of 1/4 or less. If you’re an everyday user, start with half until you better understand the effect it will have on you. One whole Green Hornet has the potential to make you sleep like a baby!
  • Taste: The problem with Green Hornet is that it tastes TOO GOOD! Although there is a slight marijuana taste, this edible is very enjoyable! The texture is exactly what you want out of a gummy. 
  • Price: $12 donation at my local dispensary, TreeTopLA. 
  • Packaging: Green Hornets come in a small resealable bag. This is great for portioning out your edible! The darker area in the photo is due to the stand we used to prop up the gummy.


  •  Overall: This edible is an absolute must try! Green Hornet’s are great for those who have trouble sleeping or are in pain. Remember to start with a slow dosage and work your way up. The high from Green Hornet’s starts off mellow and then increases very quickly and intensely! These are such a great way to discreetly medicate throughout the day and the price can’t be beat.


America’s Favorite Edible”
-High Times Magazine