Proceed with Caution!

  • Brand: Indica Green Hornet by Cheeba Chews
  • Strength: 70 mg THC 
  • Consumed: Half or about 35 mg THC. Patients beware! This edible is STRONG!!! If you are a new user, start with a small bite of 1/4 or less. If you’re an everyday user, start with half until you better understand the effect it will have on you. One whole Green Hornet has the potential to make you sleep like a baby!
  • Taste: The problem with Green Hornet is that it tastes TOO GOOD! Although there is a slight marijuana taste, this edible is very enjoyable! The texture is exactly what you want out of a gummy. 
  • Price: $12 donation at my local dispensary, TreeTopLA. 
  • Packaging: Green Hornets come in a small resealable bag. This is great for portioning out your edible! The darker area in the photo is due to the stand we used to prop up the gummy.
  •  Overall: This edible is an absolute must try! Green Hornet’s are great for those who have trouble sleeping or are in pain. Remember to start with a slow dosage and work your way up. The high from Green Hornet’s starts off mellow and then increases very quickly and intensely! These are such a great way to discreetly medicate throughout the day and the price can’t be beat.

America’s Favorite Edible” -High Times Magazine

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