Got Munchies? 

  • Brand: Medi Pops
  • Strength: 150 mg THC per bag. A handful is all you need! This snack is STRONG!
  • Consumed: Roughly 10 pieces
  • Taste: These cheese-bits are absolutely delicious! The lack of weed taste makes these hard to put down!
  • Price: $10 donation at my local dispensary, TreeTopLA
  • Packaging: I love the bright resealable bag. The colorful and different fonts used on the bag are fun, but the nutritional facts need a bigger font. It’s almost impossible to read the details of this edible. A lot of patients have dietary restrictions and rely on this information when choosing their edible. This edible has no recommended dosage listed which could be challenging for new users. *Update*: Medi Pops provided us with more information! Each cracker is roughly 1.9 mg THC. 16 crackers = roughly 30 mg THC.
  • Overall: These cheese-bits are so delicious they are dangerous! It is very easy to forget you’re consuming medicine when eating Medi Pops edibles. As a believer in proper dosing, I wish Medi Pops listed the approximate THC level of each cracker. If you are a new user, start with a few crackers and wait two hours before consuming more. These crackers are likely to cause an increase in appetite so be prepared with some munchies on hand! 
Tip: Find recipes for crushed cheez-its. Then you’ve got a munchie that gives you munchies! ” – Alice Moon

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